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Warhammer 40k Battle Reports

These are not full battle reports as you would find in a copy of White Dwarf, but are in the main a series of photographs of some of the games of Warhammer 40K I have played in or from various demonstration games at shows.

Take the shield generator - a recent game

Defending the Skyshield - a game involving Space Marines and Orks fighting over a Skyshield Landing Pad

Dropping the Pods - a game with Drop Pods

Space Wolves and Tyranids from GamesDay 2009.

The superb Ork Shanty Town from the Forge World displays at GamesDay 2009.


Various games from GamesDay 2009.

Warhammer World's Mega-Gaming Table from GamesDay 2009.

Defending Fort Pain - Imperial forces have unearthed an Eldar Warpgate and suddenly face attack...

Ork Naval Craft, Ork Racing and other games - some pictures from GamesDay 2008.

Siege of Vraks - Chaos Renegades are assaulted and beseiged by the might of the Imperium. Photographs of the fantastic Forge World diorama (display game) on show at GamesDay 2007, GamesDay 2008 and the Forge World Open Day 2009.

Ork Settlement under attack - At GamesDay 2006 was this demonstration game of an Ork settlement under attack.

Hordes - A horde of Tyranids attack a horde of Ork Boyz.

Grot Bomb LaunchaCities of Death Warhammer 40K Battle Report - In this game, Simon's Imperial Guard were defending the ruins of an Imperial City from an attacking and advancing Ork force. We used the Cityfight rules (as Cities of Death hadn't been released at this time).

That Damn Dreadnought: In this game, Simon's Imperial Guard were supported by a Dreadnought and some Grey Knights. Simon's Dreadnought does suffer terribly in games and this game was to be no exception.

Through the ruins - An Ork horde attacks Imperial Guard forces in the ruins of an Imperial City.

Changing Places - a mechanised Ork horde takes on a Imperial Guard infantry platoon.

Apocalypse - photographs of the huge Apocalypse game at GamesDay 2007.

Various games from GamesDay 2007.

No more Orks... - In this Warhammer 40K Battle Report a force of Grey Knights, Imperial Guard and Space Marine vehicles destroy my Orks in what turned out to be quite a quick game.

This fighting withdrawal consists of approximate 800pts of Orks attempting to take out forty Imperial Guard who are waiting to be evacuated off the table by a fleet of Valkyries.


This battle report would have shown how approximate 800pts of Orks defeated 800 points of Imperial Guard. There are some pre-game shots however the battery failed on the camera...

This battle report is a 400 point battle for which I can not remember the details, sorry!

This battle report a very small (but beardy) band of Orks were defeated by less than a 1000 points of Imperial Guard.

Snow Go... This is not so much a battle report more a few photographs I took of some excellent snowy games at GamesDay 2003.

Warhammer 40k game in progress