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Wargaming Books

Naval Wargaming
Paul Hague

Scenarios for All Ages
Charles Stewart Grant, Stuart A. Asquith

An Introduction to Fantasy Wargames
Rick Priestley, Lindsey Priestley, Geoff Taylor, David Gallagher

Wargaming Rules

We have gaming information on the following published games.

Warhammer 40K

Flames of War

The Dystopian Wars

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Warhammer Historical - Waterloo

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Warhammer Historical - The Great War

The Crimean War

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star trek full thrust

Rules currently under development and at some time may be published on the web include:

tally ho!

We also have fantasy scenarios packs (currently only one available - use to be printed under the Felix Enterprises imprint).

cold iron

We use to publish the following rules (under the Felix Enterprises' imprint), to get more information click on the relevant link.

form line of battle


iron and fire

action stations