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The official site complete with pictures and downloads in pdf format.

An unofficial site with , a forum and rules.


Carl Woodrow has an excellent site with loads on Epic, 40K and other stuff.

Marko's Titan Pictures

Some excellent pictures of Ork and Eldar Titans.

Mailing List (Yahoo Groups)

Join the list to find out what other Epic40K players are up to.

Warhammer 40K Scale Space Marines

Space Marines

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Space Marines

The photographs show miniatures from the collections of Felix and Simon. You can click each image individually or check out the Infantry, Dreadnoughts, Robots, Light Vehicles and Armoured Might pages with all the full size images on. Also have a look at the Titans page.

Legion of the Dammed Space Marine Command
Space Marines in Forgeworld Bunker Space Marine Command in defence line
Space Marine Devestator Squad in Bunker Space Marines in ruined Building - 20Kb
Space Marine Command Land Raider - 30Kb Space Marine Vindicator - 29Kb
thumbnail Land Raider & Dreadnought (old) - 29Kb thumbnail Land Raiders - 23Kb
thumbnail Dreadnoughts (plastic) - 20Kb thumbnail Land Raiders & Bunker - 20Kb
thumbnail Dreadnought (plastic) - 19Kb thumbnail Dreadnoughts in Village - 22Kb
thumbnail Landspeeders - 29Kb thumbnail Two Dreadnoughts - 25Kb
thumbnail Landspeeder - 22Kb thumbnail Land Raider Command - 19Kb
thumbnail Rhino w/TOW- 23Kb thumbnail Space Marine Armour - 16Kb
thumbnail Space Marine Battle Force - 34Kb thumbnail Space Marine Battle Force - 30Kb
thumbnail Land Raiders & Dreadnoughts - 33Kb thumbnail Old Style Warlord Titan - 34Kb
thumbnail Whirlwinds in ruined city - 32Kb thumbnail Land Raider Bridgelayer - 13Kb
thumbnail Vindicators in ruined city - 34Kb thumbnail Old Style Dreadnoughts - 30Kb
thumbnail Vindicator - 25Kb thumbnail Old Style Dreadnought - 15Kb
thumbnail Terminators and Land Raider- 32Kb thumbnail Old Style Land Raiders - 20Kb
thumbnail Space Marine Vehicles next to Bunker - 36Kb thumbnail Land Raiders - 30Kb
thumbnail Land Raider and Rhino w/TOW - 31Kb thumbnail Old Style Land Raiders - 27Kb
thumbnail Epic Rhino and VTOL Transport - 47Kb thumbnail Epic Space Marines - 21Kb
thumbnail Epic Camouflaged Rhino - 38Kb thumbnail Epic Land Speeders - 31Kb
thumbnail Epic LandRaider - 34Kb thumbnail Epic Whirlwinds - 27Kb
thumbnail Epic LandRaiders in rubble - 45Kb thumbnail Epic Imperial Dreadnoughts - 25Kb
thumbnail Epic Dreadnought - 26Kb thumbnail Epic Whirlwind - 30Kb
thumbnail Epic Promethesus - 31Kb