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Armoured Might - Space Marines Vehicles

The photographs show miniatures from the collections of Felix and Simon with some photographs taken at Gamesday.

Space Marine Land Raider Command.

Space Marines

Whirlwinds travel through a ruined Imperial City.

Space Marines

Vindicators trundle through the ruins.

Space Marines

Close-up of a Vindicator

Rear view of Vindicator.

Old style Land Raider and Dreadnought

Space Marine Armoured Might

Rhino and Whirlwind on patrol.

Land Raiders.

Land Raiders by a bunker.

Land Raider Command.

Rhino (anti-tank).

Imperial Force (lots of old models in there).

Old style Land Raiders and Dreadnoughts.

Vindicators, Rhinos and Land Raiders advance.

Another shot from a wider angle.

Terminators disembark from their Land Raider transport.

Rebel VTOL approaches an Imperial position. Image was digitally altered to remove flying base.

Land Raider (with camo netting) and Rhino AT.

Land Raiders in the desert.

Land Raiders

Land Raiders

VTOL hovers above a Rhino - this image was a digital composite of three images to remove the VTOL's flying base.

Rhino (with camo netting).

Land Raider

Overhead shot of Land Raiders


Imperial Flak Rhino


Epic Armageddon

Not a very exciting picture you may think, but this is in fact from one of my first games of Epic Armageddon....