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Epic Armageddon Orks

The photographs show Epic Orks from Felix's collection.

If you are interested in looking at 28mm Warhammer 40K Orks, please check out our Warhammer 40000 Miniatures Gallery.

You can click each image individually or click here (for those with bandwidth and/or patience) for a page with some of the full size images on.

Check the links on the left for galleries on particular EpicOrk units. I have added an Ork Airfield Defence Force gallery.

Ork forces on the move -37Kb Ork Battlefortress on the move in a ruined city - 34Kb
Ork Gargant - 34Kb Ork Battlefortress - 34Kb
Ork Battlefortress (frontal view) - 32Kb Ork Gun Trukk (SP artillery) - 31Kb
Ork Battlefortress (side view) - 33Kb Ork Gun Trukk (AT) - 28Kb
Ork Trukk - 29Kb Ork Gun Trukk (SP Artillery) - 28Kb
Ork Trukk and Buggy - 32Kb Pulsa Rokkits - 29Kb
Ork Buggies and Wartraks - 33Kb Ork Skorcha - 29Kb
Ork Trukk on patrol in the ruins of an Imperial City - 37Kb    
thumbnail Ork Ack-Ack & Bike - 28Kb thumbnail Ork Battlewagon - 32Kb
thumbnail Squiggoth - 35Kb thumbnail Ork Battlewagons - 28Kb
thumbnail Buggy & Gunz - 27Kb thumbnail Buggy & Wartrak - 26Kb
thumbnail Battle Fortress (original) - 37Kb thumbnail Ork Battlewagons - 33Kb
thumbnail Ork Leviathan (kit conversion) - 47Kb thumbnail Ork Battleforce - 36Kb
thumbnail Ork Gargant - 40Kb thumbnail Ork Stompers & Wartraks - 38Kb
thumbnail Ork Bikes - 14Kb thumbnail Ork Nobz - 21Kb
thumbnail Ork Vehicles next to Bunker - 36Kb thumbnail Ork Wartrak - 31Kb
thumbnail Ork Battlewagon and Wartrak - 31Kb thumbnail Ork Troops - 29Kb
thumbnail Ork Vehicles - 30Kb thumbnail Epic Ork Vehicles - 36Kb
thumbnail Close-up of Ork Vehicles - 23Kb thumbnail Epic Ork Battlewagons - 32Kb