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Epic 40K Links

Official Epic40K Website
The official site complete with pictures and downloads in pdf format.
An unofficial site with , a forum and rules.
Carl Woodrow has an excellent site with loads on Epic, 40K and other stuff.

Epic scale
Grot Bomb Launcha

Building an Epic scale Grot Bomb launcha


Epic work in progress

Epic Armageddon Logo

Ork Gargant

Ork Great Gargant (older model).

Lefthand side of the Great Gargant, though you can't see it, the grey panel behind the gatling gun does in fact have an Imperial Eagle on it, whilst the brown camo plate is a similar pattern to some old Imperial Rhino colour scheme I once did.

Ork Gargant, turns to target enemy troops.

The enemy has been dealt with, time for the Gargant to move on and find fresh targets.