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Grot Bomb Launcha

In Ork society the Gretchin or Grots are virtually the lowest caste element. They are the dogsbodies, scapegoats, errand boyz and occasional lunch for the rest of Ork society.

One use for Gretchin is to pilot large missiles at the enemy. These missiles are either attached to Ork Bommerz or mounted on Wartraks. The Wartrak variant is known as the Grot Bomb Launcha.

A Grot bomb is a guided missile, only it is not guided by targeters or the machine spirit, but by a single Gretchin. The Gretchin sacrifices himself to aim the missile.

Forgeworld 40K Scale Grot Bomb Launcha

Forgeworld make a very nice Grot Bomb Launcha for Warhammer 40K using resin and plastic pieces, it it one of my favourite models and therefore I wanted some for Epic 40000.

Click here to see the Forgeworld page for the 40K scale Grot Bomb Launcha ~ you will have to scroll down somewhat. The 40K rules and background for the Grot Bomb Launcha can be found in Imperial Armour II.

Update: I now have my own model of the 40K scale Grot Bomb Launcha - click here to find out how I am putting it together and painting it.


To make the Grot Bomb Launcha in Epic scale you will need to do some conversion work, as you can't yet buy an Epic scale version. It is a pretty simple conversion and you could spend a little more time on it if you wanted.

The conversion requires the following bitz and pieces.

The conversion requires the following bitz and pieces.

This conversion uses a Skorcha (as I had a few spare, the fuel trailers has been used for some Imperial Crocodiles). You could use a Wartrak and take the gunner off, it would probably be easier than the Skorcha.

You will need a Pulsa Rokkitt, there are quite few variations of these therefore if you have one, go for one with wings.

Some Green Stuff or some other modelling putty. You could use plasticene and cover it with superglue, as you don't need much at all.

A Grot (Gretchin) from the Epic Ork Plastic infantry sprue. I used the one carrying a sword and a shoota, but any of them would probably fit the bill.

A short length of "I" shaped plastic strut. You can find the struts (and numerous other types of plastic strip and rods) in most good model shops. Alternatively you could make your own "I" strut using strips of cut plasticard, or even a small sut length of the "spare" sprue of the Epic Ork sprue.

Some superglue to stick it all together... as well as a craft knife and a model saw (though I used a small hacksaw in the end).

Components ready for your Grot Bomb Launcha

This photograph shows the model prior to fixing the Grot Bomb to the Launcha and then painting.


Firstly take the Skorcha and cut with a saw the turret (and part of the chassis) taking it off at a 45 degree angle.The first time I made this conversion I used a combination of clippers, a craft knife and a lot of swearing as it wasn't that easy to cut through the metal. For my other models I used a hacksaw and this was quicker and easier, though do watch your fingers and note that sawing will cause the model to heat up.

I then used a piece of plastic strut to make the firing platform, the strut was already "I" shaped and long enough to fit the length of the cut chassis.

The tracks were glued to the chassis and the "I" strut glued to the chassis, this was then left to dry.

A Pulsa Rokkitt was then stuck on top, some green stuff to make the cockpit, this was done by putting a small circle of green stuff on top of the Rokkitt. I then took a poor Gretchin and cut him in half before sticking him into the cockpit. This was then left to dry overnight.

You could if you wanted to improve the model, add "rivets" to the firing platform, you can do this by thinly slicing some plastic rod and sticking them to the platform either with superglue or plastic kit liquid cement.


Painting was done by undercoating in white, painting in the black parts and the crew. The black sections were then drybrushed with Tin Bitz and then lightly drybrushed with an alumnium coloured paint.

Photograph of completed model.

Photograph of completed model.

The rest of the model was then painted red and given a light chestnut ink wash.

The details of the crew were then picked out, green flesh with some highlights in yellow, alumnium coloured weapons and brown accessories.


As for rules, the easiest rule is to utilise it as a Pulsa Rokkitt. You could also use the rules from Epic Magazine Issue #2 and use it as Gun Trukk Lobba.