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Ork Heavy Transport Plane - never finished

This was originally an Epic project of mine.

I decided to utilise a Forgeworld 40K scale Ork Fighter-Bommer and convert it into an Epic scale Ork Transport Plane. It would have been "crash-landed" onto the battlefield whereupon hordes of orks would stream out and start shooting...

this is a side view showing the completed and partially painted model

a close-up of the mid-fuselage which shows the additional Ork weaponry I added

The basic plane had turrets added (one from a squiggoth, two from Bowelburnas), buggy gunners (as belly gunners) and some pulsa rokkits added underneath as bombs. The tail fin was left off and though originally I was going to totally re-model the cockpit, in the end it was left pretty much as the FW model.

After having it "hanging around" for best part of the year, I knew that I was never going to get it finished and it would never look "right" on the battlefield (too many people would say, "that's a 40K scale model"). Therefore I have decided to convert the model back to a 40K scale model and use it with my 40K orks.

For Epic I am going to create something big though, similar to the proposed Ork Landa, but much bigger...

Ork Landa - release date May 2004