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German Tiger II - Königstiger

German Königstiger

The Tiger II (or as was informally known to the Germans who fought in it, Königstiger), was a 70 tonne heavy tank. It was first used in combat with s.H.Pz.Abt. 503 during the Normandy campaign on 11 July 1944.

German Königstiger

In the process of sorting some old gaming stuff out I found a bundle of old SDD models. These are 15mm metal castings that I bought back in the 1990s. It makes me think that the other metal models that I have been painting are also SDD.

This box was mainly late war stuff and included a King Tiger.

German Königstiger

The model consists of four parts: a pair of tracks, the hull and a turret. This is a very nice clean casting, but is quite a heavy model as a result.

It went together very easily, but doesn’t quite sit flat.

German Königstiger

Certainly not as detailed as the Flames of War model, the next stage will be a white undercoat.

German Königstiger

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