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Photographs of 15mm World War Two miniatures.

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German Panzergrenadier Headquarters

I am also painting up the German Panzergrenadier Headquarters.

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German Panzergrenadier Platoon

The Panzergrenadier regiments are the assault infantry of the German armoured divisions and the armoured (Gepanzert) Panzergrenadiers are the hard spearhead of any infantry assault. They are noted for their speed, mobility, and great firepower. Because they’re part of a Panzer Division they cooperate closely with the tanks of the Panzer regiment.

I was lucky to receive for Christmas the Panzergrenadier Platoon

German Panzergrenadier Platoon

German Panzergrenadier Platoon

In the box you get a bunch of resin, plastic and metal.

German Panzergrenadier Platoon

more soon