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French Char B1 bis Command

The Char B1 was a French heavy tank manufactured before the Second World War. It was a specialised heavy break-through vehicle, originally conceived as a self-propelled gun with a 75 mm howitzer in the hull; later a 47 mm gun in a turret was added, to allow it to function also as a Char de Bataille, a "battle tank" fighting enemy armour, equipping the armoured divisions of the Infantry Arm.

French Char B1

Among the most powerfully armed and armoured tanks of its day, the type was very effective in direct confrontations with German armour in 1940 during the Battle of France, but a slow speed and high fuel consumption made it ill-adapted to the war of movement then fought. After the defeat of France captured Char B1 (bis) would be used by Germany, some rebuilt as flamethrowers or mechanised artillery.

Having already purchased three Char B1 it was only after carefully reading the army lists in Blitzkreig that I realised that having a fourth as an HQ tank would be useful. So when I had the chance I got another blister.

French Char B1

So I am going to make this one up as an HQ tank.

Within the blister you get the resin hull and turret whilst the rest of the model is whitemetal.

French Char B1

You have the option to make it into a German late-war Flammwagen B-2(f) however as I bought these for Blitzkreig I will be making them as Early War French.

French Char B1

more soon...