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French Hotchkiss H-39

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The Hotchkiss H35 or Char léger modèle 1935 H was a French light tank developed prior to World War II.

French Hotchkiss H-39

Despite having been designed from 1933 as a rather slow but well-armoured light infantry support tank, the type was initially rejected by the French Infantry because it proved difficult to steer while driving cross-country, instead being adopted in 1936 by the French Cavalry. From 1938 an improved version was produced with a stronger engine, the Char léger modèle 1935 H modifié 39, that from 1940 was also fitted with a longer, more powerful 37 mm gun. It was intended to make this improved variant the standard light tank, to be produced in a number of at least four thousand to equip new armoured divisions of both the Cavalry and the Infantry, but due to the defeat of France in June 1940 total production of both subtypes remained limited to about 1200 vehicles

So far I have two of these blisters and each contains three tanks.

French Hotchkiss H-39

You can make them up either as the H-35 or the H-39. As well as the resin hulls and turrets you get metal tracks and rear engine covers.

French Hotchkiss H-39

The resin hull.

French Hotchkiss H-39

French Hotchkiss H-39

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