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Coastal Forces

Historical gaming covers thousands of years. Felix's Gaming Pages has a variety of pages of information of rules for historical gamers, including Action Stations a set of coastal forces rules. Miniatures from the collection of David Manley. Click images individually or click here for full size images.

thumbnail WWII Agean Schooner - 23Kb
thumbnail WWII Coastal Liner - 16Kb
thumbnail 55' Coastal MB - 25Kb
thumbnail Elco 80' PTB - 27Kb
thumbnail Elco 80' PTB - 32Kb
thumbnail British U Class Sub - 17Kb
thumbnail US 110' SC Boat - 18Kb
thumbnail Armed Schooner - 23Kb
thumbnail Caique - 24Kb
thumbnail RAF Rescue Launch - 30Kb
thumbnail Cam Ship - 20Kb
thumbnail German Narvik Class Destroyer - 14Kb
thumbnail German Armed Trawler - 18Kb
thumbnail "Grey Goose" Steam Gunboat - 20Kb
thumbnail Fairmile 'D' MGB - 18Kb
thumbnail Fairmile 'D' MGB - 22Kb
thumbnail Vosper 73' MTB - 26Kb
thumbnail Vosper 72' MTB - 30Kb
thumbnail Fairmile 'C' MGB - 20Kb
thumbnail MGB 504 Blockade Runner - 18Kb
thumbnail Fairmile 'A' Motor Launch - 17Kb
thumbnail British Armed Trawler - 16Kb
thumbnail British Armed Trawler - 18Kb
thumbnail Raumboot R147 - 19Kb
thumbnail S18 & S42 - 21Kb
thumbnail S18 - 19Kb