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British Infantry

Historical gaming covers thousands of years. Miniatures from the collection of Felix and Simon. New photographs will be added at regular intervals.

thumbnail British Colonial Sergeant - 18Kb
thumbnail British Colonial Infantryman - 20Kb
thumbnail Three British Colonial Infantryman - 21Kb
thumbnail Thin Red Line - 23Kb
thumbnail "last stand" - 25Kb
thumbnail "on patrol" - 30Kb
thumbnail British Colonial Infantry - 22Kb
thumbnail British Colonial Infantry - 19Kb
thumbnail English Halberdier, C15th - 10Kb
thumbnail English Fifer, C16th - 15Kb
thumbnail British Soldiers, India C19th - 10Kb
thumbnail British Officer, India C19th - 8Kb
thumbnail British Infantryman, 1914 - 10Kb