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This page was last updated on the 20 February, 2010

Witch Hunters - Daemonhunters

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers Repressor Transport

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In a blog post I showed a picture of a Sisters of Battle Repressor from the Forgeworld Displays at GamesDay.


I said "I do like this model and I am intending to get one to use with my Daemonhunters army as a transport for the Storm Troopers".

Well Santa must have been listening as I got one for Christmas from my friend Simon (thanks mate).

I am well pleased.

It is a very nice model and you get the following bits of resin. A new hull top, a dozer blade and extra weapons.


The Forgeworld model above includes Sisters of Battle doors, but as I am going to make this a Inquisitorial Storm Trooper transport I may use some Inquisition doors or leave them as they are. I might leave them as they are, as I am thinking about adding some extra armour to the model, akin to the spaced armour, but made from mesh, a kind of anti-tank mesh that you see on armoured vehicles today or on German tanks during World War Two.

As well as the resin pieces you also get a complete Rhino kit (though the Repressor is also available as a conversion kit, though the conversion kits to me never seem such value for money).

The standard Rhino kit includes three sprues.


The second sprue.


The Imperial extras sprue.


As a result I will have some spare parts which will be probably used by my Orky boyz on a few conversions.

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