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Tunnelling Machine

I am also painting an Ironclad Miniatures Tunnelling Machine.

Victorian Science Fiction Steam Tank

See more of the finished model.

Here is a step by step guide to how the Victorian Science Fiction Steam Tank was painted.

The military might in the Victorian era was enhanced with powerful steam tanks. This is a resin kit from Ironclad Miniatures.

Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tank

I recently wrote an article on adding Science Fiction elements to Old West gaming, SteamPunk Old West. I wanted some vehicles to go with the Old West miniatures I was painting. Looking at the resin models from Ironclad Miniatures, one that did catch my eye was one of the steam tanks. It comes in a variety of pieces.

Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tank

This is a very clean casting. There are not many parts and this dry run shows it was very easy to put together. I am thinking about adding more details to the model.

Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tank

The first task was to wash the resin, to remove any remaining mould lubricant. The model comes with just a few metal parts and these were attached with superglue. The turret has a metal hatch and a metal gun barrel.

Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tank

I am going to paint the tracks seperately, so they are not affixed in this photograph.

Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tank

The boiler and the funnel were attached to the hull of the tank.

Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tank

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