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Epic 40K Links

Official Epic40K Website
The official site complete with pictures and downloads in pdf format.
An unofficial site with , a forum and rules.
Carl Woodrow has an excellent site with loads on Epic, 40K and other stuff.

Epic scale
Grot Bomb Launcha

Building an Epic scale Grot Bomb launcha

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Epic Armageddon Logo

Imperial Guard Super Heavy Tanks

The photographs show miniatures from the collections of Felix, Simon and Carl Woodrow.

A Capitol Imperialis alongside a Tank Factory.

Overhead shot of the Capitol Imperialis alongside a Tank Factory.

Imperial forces on the move.

Shadowsword on the move.

"The Musical Box" ~ Imperial Baneblade (resin Forgeworld model).

Imperial Baneblade.

Imperial Baneblades on patrol with a solitary Leman Russ.

Baneblades move in formation.

Imperial Levithan escorted by Leman Russ tanks rumble slowly through the ruins of an Imperial city.

Imperial Leman Russ tanks supported by Chimeras and a Baneblade move through the ruins of an Imperial City.

Imperial Baneblade

Imperial Baneblade Super Heavy Tank

Imperial tanks rumble across the destroyed ruins of an Imperial city.

Baneblade in defensive position.

Heavy Tanks

Imperial Leviathan (kit conversion)

Close-up of Epic Baneblade Turret

Epic Shadowsword - Large Tank

Epic Baneblade