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Epic 40K Links

Official Epic40K Website
The official site complete with pictures and downloads in pdf format.
An unofficial site with , a forum and rules.
Carl Woodrow has an excellent site with loads on Epic, 40K and other stuff.

Epic scale
Grot Bomb Launcha

Building an Epic scale Grot Bomb launcha

This page was last updated on the 23 October, 2007

Epic Armageddon Logo

Imperial Guard Artillery

The photographs show miniatures from the collections of Felix, Simon, Carl Woodrow and someone from GamesDay.

Imperial Artillery Detachment on the move (as Simon would say "too close together", but it makes a nice shot and the camo really works too).

Mass Artillery awaits to fire...

Imperial Guard in snow camo prepare to fire.

Imperial Guard Artillery in snow camo.

Imperial Manticore.

as you can see Simon has way too many of these...

on the move...

Imperial Deathstrike Missile Launcher about to fire...

Imperial Deathstrike Missile Launcher about to fire... this time in the ruins of an Imperial City.

Basilisks about to open fire in front of a Space Marine statue.

Imperial Basilisk moving through the rubble of an Imperial city.

Imperial Leman Russ tanks supported by Chimeras and a Manticore move back through the ruins of an Imperial City...

Imperial Manticore about to rain down a deadly spread of rockets.

Another shot of the Manticore.

Imperial Manticore.

Close-up of Manticore.

Close-up of Epic AA Tank

Epic Self Propelled Gun

Epic Bombard(front)

Epic Bombard (side)

Support Weapon.

Prepare to fire...

Fire when ready...

move out...

Support weapons on the move.

Artillery Tractor.