Photography Equipment

I currently use a range of cameras for taking photographs of miniatures, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the photos were taken using other cameras, which are now retired. You can find out about my legacy camera equipment on the legacy page.

Digital Cameras

Over the years I have used a range of digital cameras, though many of the pictures on the website were in fact taken on film before been scanned or digitised before they were put on the web.

Currently I use two main cameras to take photographs of miniatures and I use them in particular ways and to capture different types of shot.

Canon EOS 400D

My current main camera is the Canon EOS 400D, this replaces a Canon EOS 300D which was recently stolen.

It is very fast and takes some very nice photographs. I use the standard 18-55 lense which comes with the camera, but I am looking at getting a fixed 50mm lense at some point which are able to take better photographs than the zoom lenses.

As you can see, even with the standard settings you can get a very nice shot.

Canon EOS 400D shot

Extension TubesExtension Tubes

For extreme close-up work I use auto extentsion tubes, allowing me to get in really close. I have three tubes 31mm, 21mm and 13mm, all can be used individually, together or in some other combination. This allows you to fill the frame with a single 25mm figure (or in some cases smaller figures). I normally use the 13mm or 21mm tubes, but have used all three for extreme close-ups.

For an extreme close-up look at the Epic Dreadnought which is only 1cm tall.

Sony DSC W35

This is a pocket digital camera with a 7.2MP resolution and (importantly) a Carl Zeiss lens. This is a very nice camera. I would recommend when purchasing a pocket camera such as this, forget about the MP, ensure that it has a good lens, Carl Zeiss or Leica, and a lithium ion battery. Any camera which uses rechargeable AA batteries, you may find you are continually having to recharge or replace them. I charge my DSC W35 up about once a month!

This is a sample shot.

sample shot sony DSC W35