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Romulan Warbird

D'DERIDEX Class WARBIRD = 402 points

D'KAZANAK Class WARBIRD = 898 points

T-10 (BRIGHT-ONE) Destroyer = 161 points

  1. Reference for the D'Kazanak Class Warbird statistics are drawn from the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel #26 The Romulan Prize the description there reads: "It represents a new age in Romulan Warbird design. It is larger (approximately twice the size), faster and more heavily armed than the current D'Deridex class of Warbird." It is designed to compete with the Federation Galaxy Class Starship.

  2. I have added sensor and ECM to my ships as per Full Thrust/More Thrust rules. In order to incorporate Felix's Senior Officers to the Bridge rules I thought if you choose too, you could award points to your Science/Tactical Officer(s) dependent upon information gained through a successful scan of the enemy.

  3. Statistics for the T-10 (Bright-One) are drawn from the official FASA Romulan Ship Recognition Manual.

  4. Model availability: I use the MicroMachines Romulan Warbird for the D'Deridex Class and a FXM resin model from the USA for the D'Kazanak Class, being a larger model. The T-10s are available from Southsea Models in white metal.