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Printing from an Windows 2000 PC to a printer attached to an Airport Extreme Base Station

The following process is used in printing from a Windows 2000 PC to a printer which is connected to the USB port of the Airport Extreme Base Station.

Start -> Settings -> Printers

Click Add Printer

When the "Add Printer Wizard" comes up, click Next.

When prompted for Local or Network Printer, make sure the Local printer attached to this computer radio button is selected.

and that the Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer checkbox is OFF and then click Next.

Up will come the "Select the Printer Port" screen

Click the Create a new port radio button.

If you have already created the port in a previous attempt then use the drop down list to select the previously created port otherwise Windows won't let you create it a second time as it already exisits.

Select Standard TCP/IP Port from the dropdown and click Next.

The "Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard" will pop up.

Click Next.

In Printer Name or IP Address put "" and let it generate "IP_10.0.1.1" as the port name.

The IP address you need to enter is the IP address of the AEBS, use the Airport Admin Utility to confirm the IP address of the AEBS, if you use the AEBS as a wireless bridge, then it may have a different IP address such as as in my example.

Click Next.

For Device Type in the next screen

Make sure Standard was the radio button selected and then select Hewlett Packard Jet Direct in the drop down menu. Important, you must select Hewlett Packard Jet Direct regardless of which printer you actually have , even if it is an Epson or Canon.

The reason for choosing Hewlett Packard Jet Direct, which is a print server and not a printer as such, is that the Airport Extreme Base Station emulates a Hewlett Packard Jet Direct print server, but you can connect any printer to it.

Click Next.

Click Finish and that wizard will close.

The Add Printer Wizard will now go to a new screen,for you to select the type of printer you have.

Select the printer type and model (or use the Have Disk... if applicable), in this example I am using a HP DeskJet 1220C.

Click Next. You may need your Windows CDs handy if it asks for them.

Decide if you want this printer to be the default printer for your Windows 2000 PC. Click Next.

Click Next again because you don't want to share it through the Windows PC as it is already a shared printer.

Click Next so that it prints a test page (you can skip this if you wish).

Click Finish and a test page will come out of the printer.