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OOP Miniatures

Stuff of Legends



Melees Gloriosus


Somerset Irregulars

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Fire and Fury

20th Century Wargaming

Society of Twentieth Century Wargaming (SOTCW) - Homepage


"The Anchor Page For The World's Warships"

Epic 40k Links

Official Epic40K Website
The official site complete with pictures and downloads in pdf format.

The Nexus
A jumping off point for some great Epic sites.

An unofficial site with some nice photographs, conversion ideas, a forum and rules.

Carl's excellent Dropship website.

Marko's Titan Pictures
Some excellent pictures of Ork and Eldar Titans.

Agis Neugebaue's Epic Pictures
Agis Neugebauer from Berlin, Germany has some very nice models from Tau to Eldar and a Chaos Titan. Also has some other really nice miniatures on his website.

Miniatures Companies

Miniatures Pages

The Miniatures Page


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SF TV Links

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The Full Thrust Webring - Site #24

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