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Steam Tank

I am also painting an Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tank.

Gaslamp Alley VSF Terrace Shop

One of recent purchases was a couple of Sarissa Precision buildings, Victorian brick buildings, part of their Gaslamp Alley range. I had bought the terrace house and the terrace shop. Here is the model from the Sarissa website.

Gaslamp Alley VSF Terrace Shop

The Sarissa Precision models are laser cut MDF and come plain. I do quite like how the 4Ground models come pre-coloured and though I have few Sarissa Old West buildings, as these are made from wood, the plain MDF look works okay.

The Gaslamp Alley models are brick, so I originally decided when I was going to put mine together, I would paint them later. So when I read the instructions that it was suggested to paint the window frames and doors (which were etched onto card) and the walls before gluing them together, it meant I had to think quickly about how to paint the walls. The instructions did advise about doing it sparingly, my concern was that would the paint cover the eteching.

I took some Vallejo (FoW) paint red brick colour (982 Cavalry Brown) and watered it down and used the same process I had used with the house which I had painted first.

For the roof and pavement I used 995 German Grey.