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The Battle of Cygnus IV - Part Two - Page 1

This is the second in a three part battle in which the Orks forces of Warlord Grazzarg Furback invade Cygnus IV, an Imperial agriword in sector 467. Check out the battle report of the first part.

Pre-Game Setup

The first game consisted of a meeting engagement, each side was allowed 2000 points and one detachment on the table, other detachments would use the reserves rules from the Battles Book. The Orks won the first game quite convincingly and therefore entered the second game with 3000 points, whilst the Imperial forces had 2000 - though they had the advantage in that all the Imperial forces were on the table, whilst only one Ork detachment would be on the table on turn one.

The terrain consisted of a lots of hills, some trees a variety of industrial buildings and an Imperial Shrine.

Before the battle a view of the battlefield from the Ork position, with a small village in the background and industrial units in the foreground.

The centre ground, dominated by an Imperial Shrine.

Imperial Shrine, was to become the focus of the battlefield on the Ork left flank.

Another view of the battlefield, this tome showing a variety of hilly areas.

Starting Morale
Ork Morale: 66
Imperial Morale: 41

Turn One

All the Imperial forces were on the table from turn one, the Orks were allowed one detachment, they chose a Kult of Speed who were immediately placed on assault.

The first Orkish detachment on the table was a Kult of Speed comprising in the main Wartraks, Buggies and Skorchas.

Taking the right flank and using the large hill as cover the Kult of Speed on Assault orders and advance to the enemy.

Imperial Space Marine detachment comprising Bikes, Attack Bikes, Landspeeders and Razorbacks advance towards the hill with a bunker on the top.

Close-up of the Space Marines.

Imperial Baneblades advance to the Orkish lines.

The Imperial reconnaissance patrol (decimated in the last game) this time were reinforced with Leman Russ Demolishers and Hellhound Crocodiles.

Turn One Morale
Ork Morale: 66
Imperial Morale: 43

With the holding of two cleanse objectives the Imperium found that their morale had increased at the end of turn one.

Turn Two

The beginning of turn two saw the arrival of four Ork detachments,

The Space Marines advance over the hill (the advantage of skimmers) and head towards the Imperial Shrine.

View from the Imperial right flank.

An Ork Kult of Speed enters on the table, comprising mainly BikeBoyz and Trukks, it also contains Mekboy Speedstas and some Heavy Ork Trukks.

Close-up of the Heavy Ork Trukks.

Ork Battlefortresses laden with Ork Boyz (so many that the Stormboyz have to travel by their jump packs).

Imperial Bunker, containing a cleanse objective for the Imperium.

The first air attack of the game sees three Ork Bommerz launch an attack against the BaneBlade detachment doing absolutely no damage whatever...

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