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Battle Report Orks versus Imperial Guard

This small(ish) battle comprises 2000pts of Orks versus 1500pts of Imperial Guard in an entrenched position. We were using some converted miniatures (rules to follow) and also some of the Forgeworld resin pieces. The pictures were taken using my old HP Photosmart camera, so are not the best in the world (sorry).

Ork Pulsa Rokkit in a Forgeworld emplacement.

Imperial Guard behind a Forgeworld defensive line.

Ork Gargants and Boarboyz on the attack.

Imperial Guard brace themselves for the attack.

Overhead shot reveals that the Imperial Guard are well entrenched in their defensive positions.

The Orks advance on the Imperial Guard lines. Spearheaded by two Gargants, the left flank has battlewagons, whilst the right flank are Boarboyz and Squiggoths. In reserve are battlefortresses and loads of bikez and buggies.

Ork Gargant closes the distance.

Imperial Guard brace.

...the first Imperial casualties...

Ork battlewagons destroy the recon elements of an Imperial Guard detachment.

... the Orks continue to advance...

Imperial Guard reserves prepare to join the fight to protect the industrial complex.

The line holds, just...

The end result an Imperial victory.