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This page was last updated on the 12 May, 2015

Grey Knights Land Speeder

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Having finished off the red wax on my Grey Knights Land Speeder I set about adding writing to the paper parts of the purity seals.

I used a watered down Chaos Black for the writing.

Grey Knights Land Speeder

I am okay with the end result, but would have liked to have done some finer writing, so I may try again.

I also took the opportunity to paint the Inquisitorial book on the front with a red foundation paint.

Grey Knights Land Speeder

This needs some tidying up as well. Having done the purity seals I painted the skulls with a light brown foundation paint, I will be highlighting these with bleached bones.

Grey Knights Land Speeder

Another view.

Grey Knights Land Speeder

it's getting there, but I better get the crew done soon.

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